New Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirement for Rental Properties

Just a few months ago - January 1, 2018 - a new smoke alarm law took effect in Maryland, specifying the smoke detector location and equipment type. Read for more

Today, Maryland landlords have a few more weeks left to assure that their rental properties are also equipped with carbon monoxide alarms.

Back in 2016, The Maryland General Assembly passed a bill requiring installation of carbon monoxide alarms, for any new and existing rental properties, by no later than April 1, 2018. The alarms are to be installed outside of each sleeping area and on every level, including basement, in a building that contains any fuel burning equipment, wood burning appliance or has an enclosed attached garage.

The alarms can be:

  • hardwired with a battery back up

  • powered with a ten-year battery with sealed tempere-resistant compartment

  • combination smoke alarm/carbon monoxide

  • connected to an on-side control unit that monitors the carbon monoxide alarm remotely, alerting the responsible party when alarm triggered.

The alarms are not required in fully electric-powered units.

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