Kentlands Living

When describing Kentlands, and the things I love about living here, I always go into a "PowerPoint" mode ;), listing all of the benefits with great confidence and without hesitation:

  • great community

  • great for families with kids and empty nesters; people usually move homes within the neighborhood - whether it's downsizing after the kids left the house or moving into a bigger space as the family grows

  • dog friendly

  • number of different restaurants, stores, fitness centers and more - all within walking distance (including the Gaithersburg Arts Barn)

  • the kids ride their bikes, play outside and have the option of walking to school; (an ES, MS, and HS are all located within/near the neighborhood)

  • the best in the area - Octoberfest, hosted each year by The City of Gaithersburg, and ...

  • Halloween - it doesn't get better than in Kentlands (!!!); people go all in on decorations and treats

And while all these are true, I almost always forget to mention the quiet side of Kentlands -- the beautiful Inspiration Lake... perfect for walks, running, fishing or turtle watching; providing great opportunity to relax, witness beautiful sunrise or enjoy a quiet foggy morning.