It's not too early to start packing

Whether you are selling-and-buying or transitioning from one rental property to another, moving homes requires packing!

Now, I’m not an expert on moving/packing, but have moved a few times: internationally, interstate and just across the street. (Interestingly, my international move was the simplest, as it required me to focus on fitting all of my belongings into a few boxes. It was a great way to sort out the “must keep” from “I’m so used to seeing this in my garage”.)

No matter the distance, the following rules kept true:

  1. Start early. You can’t go wrong with starting early. Delaying the process; however, will add to the stress of moving home.

  2. Break the process into pieces, also know as Bird by Bird (if you’re familiar with Anne Lamott’s book of the same title) or Box by Box, Room by Room.

  3. Purchase trash bags. Lots! (It may even be helpful to buy in two different colors – one to hold items to donate, the other for items that you are comfortable discarding.)

  4. Get boxes and designate an area to store them. One of the great benefits of storing all packed boxes within one room is having the feeling of accomplishment as you see them piling up…Box by Box.

  5. I’ve heard that packing by category works better than packing by room. Although, this might be true, I find comfort in packing and unpacking by room. The bottom line - create your own system; it will make the entire process that much easier.

  6. Stay consistent. Whether it’s one box a day or one closet at a time. Set yourself for success, knowing that each additional box in a day is a super human accomplishment vs. beating yourself down that you’ve only packed five instead of the planned ten.

  7. Label each box as you go.



P.S. If your move includes showing your current home while still living there, remember that creating space is very important. People respond better to “spacious, 3-bedroom home” over a “3 bedrooms, 2 baths”…even though both have the same square footage, same address and price. We are more moved by the available countertop space in the kitchen, than by the square footage of the entire house.