Things To Consider when Buying/Selling a Solar-Powered Home

It would be difficult to drive through Montgomery County, MD, and not notice at least one solar-powered home on every street. Investing in green technology, and enjoying the financial benefits that come with it, seems to be obvious choice for many residents. Selling and buying such property, however, requires additional research and questions to consider. If you're a buyer, finding out whether the panels are owned or leased, should be #1, followed by learning the technical and contractual detail behind the system. As a seller, you can positively influence the buyer fact-finding process, by preparing and providing an information packet ahead of time; detailing the ownership status, providi

Kentlands Living

When describing Kentlands, and the things I love about living here, I always go into a "PowerPoint" mode ;), listing all of the benefits with great confidence and without hesitation: great community great for families with kids and empty nesters; people usually move homes within the neighborhood - whether it's downsizing after the kids left the house or moving into a bigger space as the family grows dog friendly number of different restaurants, stores, fitness centers and more - all within walking distance (including the Gaithersburg Arts Barn) the kids ride their bikes, play outside and have the option of walking to school; (an ES, MS, and HS are all located within/near the neighborhood) th

What About Home Appraisal???

I am really bad at noticing TV commercials. I could be looking straight at the TV during the commercial break and fail to recall a single one. But last week, one happened to catch my attention. While browsing through TV channels, I stopped at a commercial for one of the dot-com real estate companies. Now, my feelings about the internet-based real estate services are the same as for vs. Brick and Mortar Bookstores -- I love, and shop at them both! Basically, I do not dislike real estate companies just because they're dot-com. This specific commercial, however, left me unable to reconcile the client-statement, claiming to sell a house at 55K above the asking price, thanks to the